Acoustic Guitar recording feature - A bunch of different microphones compared


Dave Eringa tour around Rockfield Studios
Dave Eringa's Rockfield Tour

Alan Parsons and Nick Mason interview at State of the Ark Studios
Alan Parsons & Nick Mason

Video tour around record producer Gary Stevenson's recording studios
Gary Stevenson's features


Mark Rankin preview video covering Drum Recording with Nick Poortman in L.A.


Tape Flanging demonstration with recording engineer Mike Exeter

A short feature showing one way to do real Tape Flanging with Pro Tools and Tape Machine


Ken Scott talks about recording David Bowie at Abbey Road Studios
Ken Scott at Abbey Road

Vinyl disk mastering at Metropolis Studios
Metropolis Mastering Vinyl

Nick Poortman visits NRG Studios to interview Brent Fischer
Nick Poortman @ NRG L.A.


Three interesting Drum Recording techniques feature, cheap mics compared to the best.


Steven Slate talks about his plugins with producer Mike Exeter
Steven Slate un-plugged

Metal producer Jaime Gomez video tour around Orgone Studios
Jaime Gomez's new studio

Andrew Scheps engineer interviews
Andrew Scheps videos


Take a tour around Parr Street Studios that celebrate their 25th year!


Recording piano microphone placement techniques


Record Producer video banner



Record producer and mix engineer Danton Supple shows mixing tips


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Chris Lord Alge mix engineer interview at ssl





Jaime Gomez - Take a quick tour around a metal producers studio

Steven Slate - Plug in and watch his interview at Metropolis Studios

Brent Fischer - In Nick Poortman's first LA producer video shot at NRG

Ken Scott - New edit with unseen footage shot at Abbey Road Studios

Metal Session - Complete recording of a band by three recording engineers

John Leckie - New re-cut full length producer interview with a legend

Danton Supple - Mixing preview video with Clint Murphy at Strongroom Studios

Peter Hewitt-Dutton - 2 Vinyl Mastering videos shot at Metropolis Studios

Piano Recording - Neil Pickles and George Shilling show mic techniques

Ian Shepherd - Experiments with wearable Binaural Microphones

Laurent Dupuy - Talks about live sound and recording at Dean Street Studios

Dave Eringa - Shows producer Mike Exeter drum & guitar setup at Rockfield Studios

Clint Murphy - 4 different mics to record piano, with audio samples

Alan Parsons Nick Mason - Special interview about recording a classic album

Drum Recording - Special new feature comparing 3 setups including cheap mics

Andy Ross - Takes us on a tour around his Astar Studios

Andrew Scheps - Talks recording drums, guitars and in the box mixing

Scott Mathews - Talks about working with emerging artists

Clint Murphy - Compares three high end piano mic alternatives

Gary Stevenson - Pop production genius talks with Mike Exeter

Emre Ramazanoglu - talks with George Shilling about drumming and production

Daniel Boyle - Grammy nominated Dub mixer shows his techniques

Ricky Damian - Mark Ronson's engineer at Mark's London studio

Tom Peters - Updated feature at The Grand Studios

Recording Masterclass - With 3 leading music producers - Part One

Steven Slate - Talks about his Plugins and how he got in to recording

Wez Clarke - Find out about his Grammy winning mixing techniques

Myles Clarke - His work as recording engineer for Pete Townshend & Grand Cru

Ben Baptie - Shows his reverse reverb and other mixing tips

Drum Recording - Another drum recording feature with Clint Murphy & Mike Exeter

Producers Round Table - Featuring some fantastic rock and metal producers



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