Emre Ramazanoglu talks with George Shilling about drumming and production



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Emre Ramazanoglu - talks with George Shilling about drumming and production

Daniel Boyle - Grammy nominated Dub mixer shows his techniques

Ricky Damian - Mark Ronson's engineer at Mark's London studio

Tom Peters - Updated feature at The Grand Studios

Recording Masterclass - With 3 leading music producers - Part One

Steven Slate - Talks about his Plugins and how he got in to recording

Wez Clarke - Find out about his Grammy winning mixing techniques

Myles Clarke - His work as recording engineer for Pete Townshend & Crand Cru

Ben Baptie - Shows his reverse reverb and other mixing tips



Notable Recent Producer Features


Drum Recording - With top recording engineers Clint Murphy and Mike Exeter

Producers Round Table - Featuring some fantastic rock and metal producers

Catherine Marks - Catherine was nominated for the MPG's 2014 Engineer of the year
Pete Waterman - Talks about the future of music production & the past



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Our metal production masterclass recording an actual track with a young metal band featuring Mike Exeter and Clint Murphy is being edited. Check back soon.




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500 Record Producers & Recording Studio video features

Watch 100's of top music producers talking about recording music, favourite places to record, must have equipment, software and discover their secret production techniques with in-depth interviews with producers from Trevor Horn to mix legends like CLA



Some of the 100's of record producers featured:

Please note many videos are offline due to Blip ceasing service - we are busy uploading


Adrian Bushby

Adrian Hall

Adrienne Aiken

Al Schmitt

Alan Parsons

Alex Silva

Ali Chant

Andre Fischer

Andrew Scheps

Andy Bell

Andy Bradfield

Andy Gill

Andy Richards

Andy Jackson

Andy Ross

Andy Sneap

Andy Whitmore Angus Wallace

Ann Mincieli

Arty Skye

Austen Kilburn

Barry Bayliss

Ben Baptie

Ben Findlay

Ben Hammond

Bernhard Butler

Bernhard Purdie

Blair Dunlop


Bob Both

Bob Kraushaar

Brad Buxter

Brad Gilderman

Bruce Miller

Bruno Sutter

Bryan Carlstrom

Calum Malcolm

Cameron Craig

Catherine Marks


Charlie Rapino

Chris Bolster

Chris D'Adda

Chris Fielding

Chris Fogel

Chris Kimsey

Chris Lord Alge

Chris Porter

Chris Sheldon

Chris Tsangarides Clint Murphy

Chris Young

Craig Leon

Craig Silvey

Dan Carey

Dan Hawkins

Dan Logan

Dan Sprigg

Daniel Boyle

Danton Supple

Dave Chang

Dave Eringa

Dave Rideau

David Kershenbaum

David Pye

David Wrench


Dave Pemberton

Dimitri Tikovoi

Dominik Johnson

Denis Gadgetic

Donal Hodgson

Doug Trantow

Dr Dave

Ed Buller

Ed Harcourt

Ed Tutton

Edd Hartwell

Elliot Scheiner

Emre Ramazanoglu

Fay Hield

Fran Ashcroft

Frank Fillipetti

Gareth Williams

Gary Katz

Gary Langan

George Apsion

George Atkins

George Massenburg

George Martin

George Shilling

Giles Martin

Goetz Botzenhardt

Graham Lyle

Greg Haver

Greg Ladanyi

Greg Penny

Guy Massey

Hannah James

Haydn Bendall


Hugh Padgham

Ian Cross

Iain Hutchison

Iain Roberton

Jack Clement

jack Hale

Jack Ruston

Jah Wobble

Jaime Gomez Arellano

Jake Gosling

Jake Jackson

James Loughrey

James Towler

Jason Miles

Jay Stapley

Jerry Boys

Jimbo Barton

Jim Moray

Jimmy Hogarth

Joe Public

John Carter Cash

John Cornfield

John Delf

John Holliday

John Leckie

John Metcalfe

John Wooler

Jon Cohen

Jon Musgrave

Joseph Magee

Keith Grant

Ken Allardyce

Ken Feldman

Ken Scott

Ken Thomas

Kevan Gallagher

Kevin Odom

Kevin Shirley



Lenise Bent

Laurie Latham

Lin Gardiner

Lou Lombardi

Marc Joy

Mark Hutchinson

Mark Wallis

Marco Pasquariello

Matt Howe

Matt Marrin

Matt Rifino

Matt Wallace

Max Heyes

Michael C Ross

Michael Ilbert

Michael Johnson

Mick Glossop

Mike Bennett

Mike Cave

Mike Crossey

Mike Exeter

Mike Fraser

Mike Hedges

Mike Neilsen

Mike Oldfield

Mike Pela

Mike Skinner

Mike Thorne

Mikey Godfrey

Myles Clarke

Nathan Rosenberg

Neil Haynes

Neil McClellan

Nick Mailing

Nick Patrick

Nick Tauber

Nick Woolfson

Nico Bolas

Oskar Paul

Padley & Godfrey

Pat Dillett

Pat Viala

Paul Borg

Pedro Ferreria

Pete Byrne

Pete Smith

Paul Epworth

Paul Falcone

Paul Wright

Paul Savage

Pete Craggie

Pete Waterman

Peter Cobbin

Phil Bodger

Phill Brown

Phil English

Phil Harding

Pip Williams

Rafa Sardina

Ray Staff

Richard Rainey

Rick Nowells

Ricky Damian

Robert Corannza

Robert Shahnazarian

Roger B├ęchirian

Romesh Dodangoda

Roy Hendrickson

Russell Cottier

Russ Russell

Sam Farr

Sam Okell

Sam Sweeney

Sean Genockey

Sean Kenny

Scott Mathews

Sergio Galoyan

Simon Efemey

Simon Gogerly

Simon Humphrey

Simon Stride

Snake Davis

Spike Stent

Stef Hambrook

Steffan Thomas

Stephen Street

Stephen Watkins

Steve Lipson

Steve Jordan

Steve Orchard

Steve Parr

Steve Williams

Steven Slate

Stuart Bruce

Stuart Hamilton

Talbert & Sutton

Toby Smith

Tom Allom

Tomas De Camino Beck

Tony Faulkner

Trevor Steel

Tom Peters

Tommy D

Tony Platt

Trevor Horn

Tony Visconti

Tristan Ivemy

Ulrich Wild

Vernon Reid

Warren Riker

Wes Maebe

Wez Clarke

Yoad Nevo


Recording Masterclass

Producer Round Table
Metal Producers feature



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Stuart Hamilton Recording engineer tour around Castle Sound Studios in Edinburgh, Scotland

Castle Sound Studios

Stuart Hamilton takes us on a video tour at this Edinburgh recording studio


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Top music producer and recording engineer discussion at the Church Studios

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george shilling reviews home recording studio equipment reviews of home and pro recording studio equipment by george shilling

Equipment Reviewed by a real Recording Engineer

Real recording equipment reviews by real recording engineers

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