Selected recent videos

Gareth Jones - Interview at Strongroom Studios.

Cenzo Townshend - Mix genius Cenzo 30 minute video.

Sylvia Massy - Guitars with cheese please!

Andrew Scheps - Recording drums to mixing, everything is covered.

Ken Scott - New edit with unseen footage shot at Abbey Road Studios.


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By producers, for producers.

The collective of producers involved in recording these videos have worked with countless top recording artists - Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Queen, Bowie... We've pioneered video features with record producers, recording studios & recording engineers and habe been doing so since 1999!


We are focused on the creative art of record production - If you're here looking for super geeky equipment information please check out some of the amazing sites that do that thing. If you want to know how to record things well, how to mix great records, how to get the best out of an artist in the studio and all of the things that really make records special, we will try to help. Gear is just a part of it and anyone now with the most affordable recording equipment can make records that are truly outstanding. The most important equipment in your studio is you, not the gear, so use to help you learn from the best producers and engineers...


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Acoustic guitar microphones compared for recording
Guitar Mics Compared

Mark Rankin talks production and Grammys with Nick Poortman
Top Rankin production

Al Groves shows Russell Cottier around the Motor Museum Studios
Studio Museum Tour


Ken Scott talks about recording David Bowie at Abbey Road Studios
Ken Scott at Abbey Road

Vinyl disk mastering at Metropolis Studios
Mastering Vinyl

Nick Poortman visits NRG Studios to interview Brent Fischer
Nick Poortman @ NRG



Full 1 hour interview with Andrew Scheps talking about recording, mixing and much more!



Metal producer recording studio - Orgone Studios

Take a video tour around a rock record producers music studio




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