Arty Skye - special video interview at SkyeLab Sound Studios, NYC

Ace interviewer Johnny Jaskot talks with Arty Skye about his career as a leading record producer at his recording studio in New York, SkyeLab Sound Studios. Watch this exclusive broadband record producer video interview here.


Top record producer Arty Skye talks about record production on camera at his recording studioWe are delighted to feature Arty Skye in an exclusive video interview. Arty Skye has been producing and engineering in New York City for close to 20 years and has worked on over 1,000 records. Soon after his band signed with RCA in the early 80's, Skye pursued a career as a recording engineer and music producer. His level of technical excellence and his creative musical talent quickly placed him amongst New York's top engineer/producers, earning him 13 Platinum and Gold records.


Arty Skye has worked with major stars such as Madonna, Will Smith, Brandy, Santana, 98 Degrees, Third World, Sisqo, Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan and
more. Skye is also the recipient of the prestigious Visionary Award presented by 3M for his outstanding work on SWV''s Three #1 HITS on the Billboard R&B


Arty Skye now has his own monthly column in Home Recording Magazine called "Tales From The Trenches". He regularly speaks at industry seminars as well as writing technical articles and reviews. In addition, Arty Skye is the president of which currently boasts over 2,000 worldwide members.


Arty Skye built SkyeLab Sound Studios in 1995, first located on the legendary Quad Studios premises. In spring of 1997, Skye built the new SkyeLab Studios in Midtown Manhattan, in the heart of the Times Square redevelopment area.




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