Clint Murphy, recording / mix engineer and producer features

Clint Murphy's Video Series Looking at Techniques and Equipment:

-NEW - Echo Chambers at Rockfield Studios with audio samples

- How to 'beef up' kick drums with Clint Murphy's kick sample method

- Big Drums using Clint's Floor Mic technique with some great audio samples

- Parallel Drum Compression demonstrated by Clint

- 'Fake Slam Mic' technique to liven up drums in a mix


Clint Murphy and his SSL mixing desk

Even More Clint Murphy Video Features:

- Clint Murphy takes 2 great mics from ICP Studios collection to compare with guitar

- Clint Murphy's video tour around York Street Studios, New Zealand

- Clint Murphy's video interview with Hook at York Street Studios, NZ

- 2 x short drum recording technique videos featuring Clint and Greg Haver


Clint Murphy Video Interview



Clint Murphy, record producer and engineer, was based at York Street Studios in Auckland, New Zealand but in 2009 moved to the UK to be based at Modern World Studios. Clint spends lots of time making records in various locations around the world with producer Greg Haver. George Shilling and the crew caught up with Clint at Modern World Studios in the UK while he was working behind the SSL.

in the recording studio - Clint Murphy with the ssl desk


Clint is a highly popular recording engineer and he comes equipped with an extensive range of techniques having spent many years working with innovative producers and artists that have inspired finding new and creative ways to make records sound special. He is also very popular because of his relaxed and calm character but he is also as fast as a demon behind the mixing desk!



Mixing engineer and producer Clint Murphy in the studio


Over the recent years Clint Murphy has worked with producers including Gil Norton, Greg Haver and Danton Supple, and artists such as Manic Street Preachers, Melanie C, 50 Cent, G-Unit, Blindspott, Carly Binding, The Feelers, Goldenhorse and Opshop.


To Quote Clint: "Music is my passion. I love its diversity; no two bands are the same. Whether I’m recording a rock band or a 30-piece orchestra, I get the same buzz. I love the process of making records and guiding bands through that process".


Clint was recorded in a short video while at Modern World Studios in the UK but he spends a lot of time at studios in New Zealand and Belgium and he has recorded a few features for us there.


Clint can be contacted via his website at:


recording engineer clint murphy at modern world recording studios uk


Clint can be contacted via his website at:





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