Legendary record producer Ken Scott at Abbey Road Studios - Studio two, Nov 2005Ken Scott - Special drum recording video features

Watch a complete series of 5 drum recording videos with legendary recording engineer and record producer Ken Scott while he records a special Epik Drums drum sample library for Sonic Reality PLUS an interview series shot at Abbey Road Studios with Ken talking about the recording session, techniques and lot's of other very interesting information!





Session Videos - See the drums being recorded


Bill Cobham drum recording session video

Bob Siebenberg drum recording session video

Rod Morgenstein drum recording session video

Terry Bozzio drum recording session video

Woody Woodmansey drum recording session video




Ken Scott at Abbey Road talking about the recording


Part One - An Introduction to Ken's Sample Library Recording

Part Two - A Look at Microphone Selection, Decisions, Importance of Good Monitoring

Part Three - Decisions, decisions

Part Four - Working with limitations and Mastering



Here's a sneak peak behind the scenes of the Ken Scott Collection sampling sessions with unique behind the scenes video footage and comments about the recording by Ken Scott!


This is a greatest "hits" collection unlike any other. Famed producer / engineer Ken Scott has gone back into the studio, along with drummers, Terry Bozzio, Bill Cobham, Rod Morgenstein, Bob Siebenberg and Woody Woodmansey, to recreate the drum sounds of some of their classic recordings. This video series documents the recording of the library.


Using studios that closely matched, acoustically, the originals and the same type of kits, equipment and microphones as they used back in the day, they have given today's modern musician an incredible link to the past.


This collection, co-created with Sonic Reality, contains both multi-sample drum kits and a variety of signature drum grooves from each of the incredible musicians in this collection.



ken scott epik drums


Sonic Reality Website for further information about the samples




Picture by Peter Cobbin


drum recording in the studio with ken scott and rod morgenstein



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