MIXart recording studios video feature


We are delighted to feature this excellent Montreal studio in a video produced by the studio staff.


MIXART Studios, one of Canada's premier SSL recording facilities has been the location of choice for a number of top Canadian and US artists for years. With an easy vibe, rich live sound and a first class collection of vintage and bleeding-edge digital equipment, MIXART provides a fantastic creative environment for professional recording and mixing.


MIXART began in 1998 with a mission of providing a relaxed "boutique" atomosphere and an affordable alternative to corporate "clock watching" studios. Managed, owned and operated by industry pros with a unique combination of music composition, arrangement, performance, production and enginnering skills, MIXART provides an inspiring and results-oriented work environment, in one of the county's best equipped studios.


MIXart studio website is here. Many thanks to everyone at MIXart studios for taking the time to produce this video feature!

November 2005






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