PJF Music video feature


Watch our exclusive video feature shot at PJF Music's great New York studio.


New York recording studios pjf musicPJF is a music production company and recording studio in New York city.  In business for 10 years they've been making records for clients such as J Records (BMG), Elektra Entertainment (Warner Bros.), Def Jam Records, Columbia Records (Sony Music), Atlantic Records and many more.  Watch our video feature with PJF Music recorded at their Studio.


Johnny Jaskot talks on camera with the PJF team at their Music Studio One that is centered around a Digidesign/Focusrite Control24 console driving a ProTools HD3 Accel system.  Watch the video here.


The live room is warm and tight sounding and offers some unique features, such as a P.A. system with digital mixer complete with monitor wedges. There's a selection of new and vintage amps, cabinets, drums, cymbals and keyboards including an antique acoustic piano.  The headphone monitoring system can be a simple stereo setup or function as a multi-cue system, letting musicians dial in their own personal mix or listen to the control room supplied mix.  There's a wide range of microphones that include Neuman, AKG Acoustics, ElectroVoice, Shure Brothers, and Sennheiser.


There's a comfortable lobby with giant windows that lets lots of natural light flood in, a kitchenette and well stocked snack refrigerator in additon to the in control room refreshment station, which includes a private refrigerator. The centralized downtown locale offers world class shopping, food and places to dine out, even a well known coffee shop on the corner.


PJF Music Studio One is located in downtown Manhattan just steps away from The Village, SoHo, Tribeca, ChinaTown and Little Italy.


Special thanks to Johnny Jaskot of Babblefish.com for producing this feature and to everyone at PJF for giving us their time!


Contact Paul at (646) 827-9337 for a quote on your next session.

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