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All new record producer video interviews are in high quality broadband streaming quality but these archive video features shot between 1999 and 2005 are still here to watch. These videos were designed to play on a dial up modem so the quality and size of the videos are low but the interviews are still very interesting.



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Lower quality archive videos - suitable 1990's modems!
Some of these are also broadband and you may watch either of the versions

Elliot Scheiner
Watch Elliot Scheiner talk about his techniques
Trevor Steel
Watch the video interview with Trevor STeel here
Al Schmitt
Al Schmitt talks about winning 11 Grammy's!
Lenise Bent
Watch the exceptional Lenise Bent talking on camera while at the Village Recorder
Dave Pemberton
Dave Pemberton interviewed at top London studios, The Strongroom
Trevor Horn
Legendary producer, Trevor Horn, talks about SARM Hook End Manor Studios
Chris Fogel
Chris Fogel pictured at his private studio - Fig - in LA
Bruce Miller
Watch Bruce Miller talking about his career and take us on a video tour of Quad Studios
Jon Musgrave
John Musgrave
Bill Padley
Serious British writer and record producers
John Holliday
John Holliday at the SSL at Air Studios features in an exclusive video interview
Gary Katz
Gary Katz chats with George Shilling at Metropolis Studios
Jah Wobble
Record Producer and musician, Jah Wobble, at the controls while at Mark Angelo Studios. Watch our exclusive video interview with him by clicking here!
Jimbo Barton
Jimbo Barton features in a short tour of Capitol Studios where he talks with Al Schmitt!
Andre Fischer
Watch Andre Fischer talking on camera while taking time out at The Village Recorders
Ben Findlay
Watch Ben Findlay talking about engineering while working at Real World Studios
Steven Williams
Steven A Williams features in The Chapel Recording Studios video tour - london recording studio feature
Pete Smith
Catch a glimpse of Pete Smith in the studio talking about his latest project live from the studio
Talbert & Sutton
Watch Ralph Talbert and Lloyd Sutton interviewed on video at Studio Atlantis
Rafa Sardina
Rafa Sardina talks about recording at Abbey Road Studios
Fran Ashcroft
Pete Craggie
Pete Craggie at the controls of the SSL J Series console at Stanley House Studios features on our video tour of the studios
Matt Howe
Matt Howe interviewed at Metropolis Studios J Series SSL room
Michael C Ross
Click here to watch Michael C Ross interviewed on video
Paul Wright
Paul Wright is interviewed about his time spent as SARM Studios chief engineer and more recent work with Wet Wet Wet and Kylie
Tony Platt
Tony Platt - with 5 video features including the MPG webcast!
Jem Godfrey
Serious British writer and record producers
Andy Richards
Michael Ilbert

Michael Ilbert producer of Roxette talks about record production
Mike Neilsen
Mike Neilsen talks about his productions and what got him started in the business
Rick Nowells
Check out Rick Nowels as he takes time out of the studio to talk about recording Madonna etc
Andy Gill
Top producer, Andy Gill, talks about his productions and gives a studio tour
Steve Parr
Steve Parr features in this video feature
Joseph Magee
Give me great mics - new or old - audio workstations, great acoustics but, most of all, real, live musicians and I'll make great recordings" says Joseph Magee

Ken Feldman
Record Producer Ken Feldman talks about his craft in the recording studio in our exclusive video interview
Ken Alladyce
Ken Allerdyce exclusive video interview
Mark Wallis
Click here to watch the video interview with Mark Wallis seen here at Ridge Farm Studios by their fab SSL J Series console

Pat Viala
Watch Pat Viala talking exclusively here!
John Wooler
Watch John Wooler talking exclusively with Record Production

Warren Riker
Warren Riker 's video interview is here

Brad Gilderman
Brad Gilderman - record producer and recording engineer - one of the hottest producers in the business
Oskar Paul
Watch top record producer Oskar Paul talking on video about his record UK single with Will Young
Phil Bodger
Phil Bodger talkes on camera with George Shilling
Trevor Horn
Legendary producer, Trevor Horn, talks about SARM Hook End Manor Studios
Julie Gardner
coming soon.....
Phil Harding
Top Engineer and Producer Phil Harding takes time out at the Strongroom Studios in London to talk about his fantastic career
Greg Ladanyi
Greg features in an epic 25 minute interview - a must see video, watch it by clicking here!
Cenzo Townshend features in a VERY brief video snippet while at Townhouse Studios recently
Iain Roberton
Watch top SARM Studios engineer talking on video about working with such great artists as William Orbit and Madonna
Arty Skye
Leading record producer Arty Sky is interviewed at Skye Lab recording studios
Roy Hendrickson
Roy Hendrickson talks on camera
Bruno Sutter
Watch our video feature at PJF Music in New York

Phil Bodger
Phil Bodger, recording engineer, record producer - video interview



Music Producers Guild videos (MPG) or MPG related  
MPG seminar 1
A snapshot taken from the video of the MPG seminars taken at LIPA on 6th Feb
MPG seminar 2
Watch our video webcasts with the MPG covering your questions about how to get a career in the music industry
Neil McLellan
Neil McLellan features in our MPG producers webcast seminar
Pete Cobin
Pete Cobin, Abbey Road Studio's chief engineer talks on video at an APRS event
MPG Event 05
40 record producers pit analogue v digital
Andy Richards
Andy Richards talks on video at an APRS event
Hayden Bendal
Hayden talks on video at an APRS event
Pip Williams
Pip Williams features in our MPG producers webcast seminar

Blue Weaver
Blue Weaver features in our MPG producers webcast seminar


Tony Platt
Legendary recording engineer and record producer Tony Platt talks on camera about recording ACDC's Back in Black
Phil Harding
Top Engineer and Producer Phil Harding takes time out at the Strongroom Studios in London to talk about his fantastic career
 Nile Rodgers
legendary record producer Nial Rodgers
Pictures     Brad Buxter
Ray Staff
disk mastering engineer ray staff at alchemy mastering
Tony Faulkner
classical recording engineer tony faulkner
Charlie Rapino
charlie rapino
George Massenburg
George Massenburg talking at RAK Studios London 2006
John Cornfield
john cornfield record producer
Spike Stent
mixing engineer and music producer spike stent
Ken Thomas
Ken Thomas record producer and recording engineer
Nick Davis , recording engineer at Fisher Lane Farm Studio
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