Jaime Gomez Arellano talks with Russ Russell - Part Three

Part Three of our top Metal producers special feature with Jaime Gomez and Russ Russell. This is the third video covering band politics.

Part three of our exclusive look at Metal Production with two top music producers, Russ Russell and Jaime Gomez. This is possibly the most interesting part so far with honest conversation about the politics involved in recording with bands, how to deal with musicians that can't cut it in the studio, bands not rehearsing before a session, going for live performance and not chasing absolute perfection but chasing vibe...


Further videos will follow covering many topics so check back in over the next few weeks.




metal producers jaime gomez and russ russell


The Photo Gallery - Our Jaime Gomez Arellano Photographs


Special thanks to Parlour Sound Studios for giving us access and to both Jaime and Russ for sparing their time!



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