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Johnny Jascot contributed to for over 10 years, filmed and edited many of our features shot in the USA. Sadly, Johnny passed away at the start of 2018. He will be very sadly missed.


record producer and recording studio video interviews and features





Johnny Jaskot has been working on this website since about 2001 and he has been fantastic! In his spare time, Johnny has gone to Nashville, over to LA, up to NY and all over the States recording record producer interviews and making some great video tours around recording studios.


About Johnny Jaskot

Johnny started his career in Aerospace from 1979 to 1990 at which time he had been involved in the design of the first space shuttle and B2 bomber. He was part of a two man design team to develop a radiation hardened computer for guidance control in space and military applications. In 1990 Johnny left the Aerospace industry and started writing software and consulting for small business applications. In 1996 he got his first job working on the Internet and has never looked back. was conceived in September of 1996 and released in early 1997. Since then Johnny has developed online games and virtual tour sites as well as many interactive web sites for major financial institutions and fortune 500 companies. Most recently, Johnny produces streaming videos for the recording industry, legal videos for attorneys, virtual tours for the Internet, and consults in software development. More and more time is spent advancing his world language portal Award and Accomplishments First Flight Pin awarded for work on space shuttle and B2 bomber Northrop Team Award for development of computer models for radiation analysis on electronic circuits Babblefish chosen as Translation Portal by the Olympic Foot Care Patent awarded for laptop mouse pad protector. Babblefish releases online card game Babblefish footage used in the 2006 Grammy award show Babblefish participates in 2006 International Journal of Humanities and Peace.






Johnny's band, Johnny Zero and the Nothings video: Heaven is in hollywood



We can't thank Johnny enough for his support and time!!!!!!




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