Ken Scott interview at Abbey Road Studios

Russell Cottier talks with Ken about the new Epik Drums EDU - Part Four


Part Four of our exclusive video interview with legendary recording engineer and producer Ken Scott shot at Abbey Road Studios with Russell Cottier asking the questions.

In this fourth part we looked at Mastering, working with technology and working with limitations and how they can actually help. Come back soon for the next part of our interview! 


Ken took time out to meet us in the newest studio at Abbey Road Studios so that we could find out more about Epik Drums and the new 'EDU' DVD Tutorial version. We were very pleased that Abbey Road could help us record the feature as Ken started his recording career at the studio and has a very long association with the studios.

After the video interview series completes, we will be using the samples that Ken has recorded with some great drummers on a test session and that will be a follow up video series so stay tuned and check back every week for the latest video! Who knows, Ken may even mix the session that we record!


ken scott epik drums sample


Ken Scott's video guide of how to record and mix drums for students and engineers is a superb DVD pack. Its videos cover everything from basic mic techniques to mixing and everything in between. Ken walks you through the recording process and on the second disk you get to play with the drum tracks that he recorded so that you can understand how he does things.


Special thanks to Ken for giving up so much time and to everyone at Abbey Road but we'd like to mention Mirek Styles, Colette Barber and Simon Campbell for their help in making this possible! We would also like to give special thanks to Russell Cottier for coming all the way from Liverpool to record the interview!


Come back soon for Part Five!


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