Woodworm Studios - New Studio in Oxfordshire, UK

woodworm recording studios control room


Woodworm Studios is the new commercial studio incarnation of Fairport Convention's private recording studio in beautiful Oxfordshire, UK.


Stuart Jones bought Woodworm Studios around 2012 and has spent a year renovating and completely re-equipping. September 2013 Woodworm opens its doors officially. We plan to bring a short video tour in the near future but we took a set of photos recently that we think will tempt you to give Stuart a call to arrange a visit!


the main recording area at woodworm studios


The studio has a double height main studio are with two booths off the ground floor. One of those is super 'dead' and the other is a little dampened. Up the stairs there is a further recording space leading in to the control room equipped with SSL Duality console, PMC main monitors and stacks of tasty outboard.


woodworm studios' stuart jones at the ssl duality mixing console


Stuart Jones is keen to get people in to see the studio so please visit their website for further information.

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