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About this site


Did you know that this site started in 1999 and was one of the first websites in the World to feature videos? Most but not all the latest site news is now here.


In the last year we have had a few new people help us with contributions and we will spend more time soon giving you more background on them. Key new contributors have been Russell Cottier and Phil English with other notable contributions for the blog by Fran Ashcroft and Eccentric. The blog is off line for the moment due to hackers but Fran's features will return.



Johnny Jaskot - record producer interviewer par excellence!

Johnny Jaskot has been a superb contributor, and has been producing vast numbers of video features mostly on the East Coast US for the last few years. Johnny is a true enthusiast and has a unique filming and editing style. Johnny also runs

George Shilling, pictured on the left with record producer Oskar Paul

George Shilling, pictured on the left with Oskar Paul, has also been an outstanding contributor and has been producing articles for the site from the very begining, way back in 1998! George is a freelance engineer, producer and he is a widely published journalist. Many of his features can be seen in the excellent Resolution magazine.


Nigel Jopson. Nigel, pictured with legendary producer Ken Scott, has been an excellent and engaging interviewer who has recorded some of our favourite features. Nigel is an engineer, producer and writer for several industry magazines including the excellent Resolution magazine.

phil english, record producer

Phil English has helped with many interviews and runs the occasional RP Full English Podcast. In addition to his work here, Phil is a producer and recording engineer who runs Alexander Sound Studios in the UK.

Scott Mathews

Scott Mathews. Scott has been a HUGE help in making our videos that much better by providing excellent intro music and we can't thank him enough for his work in making the LA scene coverage that much better by his kind access to his contacts. Scott's feature is here.

Claris Sayadian-Dodge, pictured here with legendary Al Schmitt

Claris Sayadian-Dodge, pictured here with legendary Al Schmitt, has been an outstanding contributor covering mostly the West Coast US. Away from managing producers and running StudioExpresso, she has helped produce numerous video features with some of the industry's legendary figures.


Jack Hale, pictured here in the studio has been a HUGE help in making Nashville and Memphis get on to the site. Jack has been an amazingly warm and helpful guy - we can't thank him enough for all of his kind and selfless work in making so many excellent features possible.

Thanks Jack!


Mike Banks this site's owner and webmaster is the person that throws this site together in the wee small hours and he films and edits the odd video feature too. Mike is seen here at Metropolis Studios with George Shilling.




Many thanks to all of the other contributors too numerous to mention. This site is put together in spare time by a huge number of indutry pro's, none of whom benefit in any way. If you would like to help out please feel free to get in touch!

NEW: If you are looking for a recording studio setting for your pop video production we can help.

If any material on this site offends, contains inaccurate information or data, or is any way wrong, please contact us immediately so that we can make the necessary changes. We have had instances when people have got upset that their biog is out of date etc, but the site is run on a shoe string budget so we rely on you to keep us up to date.  


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We run this site in spare time at our expense because we love what we do. We want to cover more areas and getting to areas some distance away costs money, so if you are in the States for example and would like us to visit, just send us a ticket and we will be over. Maybe get together with a few other producers or studios and chip in.


You can also help support us by buying books or other services that advertise on the site. The commissions that we receive are very small but do contribute in some small way towards the costs of web hosting etc..


Work with us


Are you in L.A. or in Sydney, or New York, or Brazil etc etc? We are looking for people that have industry connections and share our enthusiasm for recording and production. We can't offer much in terms of money as we don't earn much but we will try to cover costs and we can help you to increase your networking and exposure. Please contact us if you'd like to help!






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