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sphere studios- studio two featuring the new ssl 4000 g series console with owner francesco camelli at the controls


Sphere Studios offer a wide range of recording and mixing spaces equipped with two SSL G Series consoles and a Neve 88R. Both of the SSL consoles were installed at the start of 2007 in studios two and three. New monitoring has been installed and the vast range of outboard equipment has been expanded.


sphere studios - studio two


A great in depth video feature of Sphere Studios will be here shortly, in the meantime, get a bit of a preview by watching our Greg Penny video interview. Also, watch the Jon Cohen video recorded at Sphere.


sphere studios - studio 3 with new ssl mixing console


We will have a full video feature here soon and pictures of Studio One will be added in a few weeks. Also, there are features planned with a number of leading producers who are based at the studios in the production rooms.


2 Shuttleworth Road
London SW11 3EA
Tel: +44 20 7326 9450
Fax: +44 20 7326 9499
Email: info@spherestudios.com






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